Ronaldo Still More Hunger Degree If Compared to Messi

ronaldomessiArgentina legend Mario Kempes, also commented on the appearance of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. He called CR7 appear more okay because the more hungry for the title when compared to La Pulga.

Ronaldo showed remarkable productivity goals so far this season with Real Madrid runs until early November. Played 16 times, he had 22 goals.

Appearances Ronaldo was clearly positive impact on Madrid. Los Merengues currently perched at the top of La Liga, and also ensure a place in the knockout phase of the Champions League. Madrid also had record 12-game winning streak.

Meanwhile, even appearing less impressive Messi with Barca. Has appeared 13 times, he has accounted for nine touchdowns.

Problem comparing the appearance of Ronaldo and Messi, Kempes also leave a comment. He likened Ronaldo up like old wine growing increasingly good.

“You have confirmed that Cristiano good growing all the time,” Kempes said in an interview with El Partido de las 12 cited Football Espana.

“Ronaldo is like wine the older the better said to livescore liga spanyol , while Messi was playing one or two gears under normal appearance, which is a misfortune for the club.”

“I do not see the killing instinct he showed in other games. The difference between him and Cristiano Ronaldo was still hungry so ordinary persist in a row to win the elite and the Ballon d’Or,” said the winner of the 1978 World Cup

Serena wins third title in Stanford


Stanford the daughter of tennis player Serena Williams beat Angelique Kerber in the WTA Bank of the West Classic, Stanford, Sunday, August 3, 2014 or Monday, August 4th Indonesian time.

Serena won in straight sets over Kerber 7-6 (1), 6-3. The American also won the title for the third time at Stanford.

The presence of Venus Williams‘s younger brother had caused a lot of questions. The reason, he failed twice in a Grand Slam tournament, the French Open and Wimbledon, in England.

Tournament in Stanford into its first appearance on hard courts in the summer. However, his victory over former world number one, Ana Ivanovic, in the quarter-finals to prove the greatness of the owner‘s 17 grand slam titles.
Serena is placed as the top seed was able to get rid of the fourth seed, Kerber from Germany. Although he has a lot more unforced errors than Kerber (28-23). However, many stroke victory over 19 times (37-18).

title at Stanford was his fourth title this year as well as a 61st title of his career. He also confirmed to be present in the final WTA tournament which was held in Singapore in October. He will perform with Maria Sharapova, Simona Halep, and Asian star, Li Na.

Causes Smartphone Explosion


CALIFORNIA The phone is a very important thing for some people today. Because of the importance, there are few users until a friend took him to bed to sleep.

Because so akrbanya, some time ago reported smartphone Samsung Galaxy belongs to a young girl in Texas exploded while he was asleep. Lucky phone that placed it under his pillow, just destroyed and not make her hurt.

But of course, luck does not always happen all the time. A woman in Florida, suffered burns on his face when the smartphone battery exploded in the gym as quoted by Yahoo on Tuesday (05/08/2014). Here are some tips to prevent your smartphone does not explode or burn.

Poor Quality Batteries
One of the factors that led to the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 in Texas is exploding battery users that do not fit. The battery has been exchanged for a fake.
iFix said smartphones with poor quality batteries can harm the user. That’s because the battery does not have a construction quality components as the original battery.

Save accordance Places
The experts recommend that smart phone users are not storing smartphone in an enclosed place. Smartphones should be placed at either room berfentilasi.

When storing a smartphone, lest the charger hole closed. The filling hole should be left open in order to avoid overheating the phone (being too hot). Therefore, avoid carrying a smartphone while sleeping with it under the pillow.

If splashed into the water, Immediate Fix
IFix Tim said, the handset is splashed into the water, even when dried, has a possibility of corrosion or short-circuit (short circuit). It can not be detected with the naked eye. Therefore, do not hesitate to immediately bring it to the experts to avoid the other bad things.

When used in Charge
When in charge smartphones become hotter than normal. Therefore, iFix experts say do not use a smartphone to play games, WiFi tethering, or looking for a telephone network, because it can make the smartphone is getting warmer many times.

Hennessey Venom F5 More Frightening

Bb3c2RU9yJSILVERSTONE- Hennessey has officially announced plans to develop Venom F5 with a higher maximum acceleration. Manufacturer based in the United Kingdom and the United States are looking to develop a top speed of up to F5 466.71 km / h or more.

Back to February, the Lotus Exige Venom GT which uses the base managed to reach a maximum speed of 435.31 km / h at the Kennedy Space Center, but Hennessey believes there is still room to improve the speed.

This new super car will promise an optimal aerodynamic amalgamation with new technology, as well as increased labor force of the twin-turbo V8 engine with a capacity of 7.0 liters. With these machines are able to increase the power of 1,244 HP to 1,400 HP, even more powerful than the Koenigsegg One: 1.

This car will also adopt the rear-wheel drive system, and equipped with a sixspeed manual transmission and paddle-shift girbox singleclutch. As reported Worldcarfans, Monday (05/08/2014).

The plan, Hannessey will introduce F5 Venom in the next year and for the sale will be approximately 2016 to its own production, reportedly ioni car will only be produced as many as 30 units with a tag of $ 1.2 million

Taylor Swift, Richest Female Country Singer


LOS ANGELES leading magazine Forbes re-released data on the country singer with the highest income. Again, the name of Toby Keith sticking as the top version of the Forbes Richest Country singer this year.

Toby Keith rumored to have revenue of USD65 million during the 2014‘s. In the second position ditemati beautiful singer, Taylor Swift with earnings of USD64 million. Sebsar income thanks to a world tour that gets Swift Red” is a very successful and became a brand ambassador for several products.

The uniqueness of the 10 names of the richest country singer who released Forbes magazine, Taylor Swift is the only female singer who entered the list of the richest country singer. In fact, it successfully defeated eight other country musicians who dominated men.

So it could be said to be the richest country female vocalists during the 2014‘s. Even fortune just hooked USD1 million in the event of Toby Keith in the top position.

Income pelantun I Knew You Were Troubleis also linked to that is quite far underneath it, Kenny Chesney sides of the third with earnings of USD44 million. Larger than 10, the former lover Harry Styles also became the youngest singer in the second largest producing daftra Forbes magazine. Such as reported by Aceshowbiz.