Taylor Swift, Richest Female Country Singer


LOS ANGELES leading magazine Forbes re-released data on the country singer with the highest income. Again, the name of Toby Keith sticking as the top version of the Forbes Richest Country singer this year.

Toby Keith rumored to have revenue of USD65 million during the 2014‘s. In the second position ditemati beautiful singer, Taylor Swift with earnings of USD64 million. Sebsar income thanks to a world tour that gets Swift Red” is a very successful and became a brand ambassador for several products.

The uniqueness of the 10 names of the richest country singer who released Forbes magazine, Taylor Swift is the only female singer who entered the list of the richest country singer. In fact, it successfully defeated eight other country musicians who dominated men.

So it could be said to be the richest country female vocalists during the 2014‘s. Even fortune just hooked USD1 million in the event of Toby Keith in the top position.

Income pelantun I Knew You Were Troubleis also linked to that is quite far underneath it, Kenny Chesney sides of the third with earnings of USD44 million. Larger than 10, the former lover Harry Styles also became the youngest singer in the second largest producing daftra Forbes magazine. Such as reported by Aceshowbiz.