Stories From Here, There and Everywhere

Peter and the Penny Farthing

Peter Berry was diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 50. He and his writing partner Deb Bunt have become advocates for people “living well” with dementia. You may have read the shorter version of this story in Mirador Magazine: Volume 8: Gear and Pedal. Here now, is the longer version of that story, offered to us by Peter and Deb. Photos courtesy of Charmian Berry and Deb Bunt.

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Artist Betty LaDuke in front of one of her paintings.

Artist Betty LaDuke: My Work is Inspired by Culture

I’ve been a fan of Betty LaDuke’s art for many years, so it was especially gratifying that she not only agreed to allow us to put one of her works on our cover but to also grant us an interview. We spoke early-ish on a Sunday morning in November, 2022. I’ve edited that conversation for clarity and readability and offer it here now for you.

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A photo of a woman with a nature background

Getting to Know Mirador Writer Judy Stock

Freelance writer Judy Stock has been a contributing writer to Mirador Magazine since 2021. She brings both her talent and her insight as someone who has a dementia-diagnosis to our pages. In this short interview we learn more about Judy’s decades-long career as a writer, poet and artist.

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a dog wearing a hat and a bandana

Meet Simon: Dog Model and Very Good Boy!

Putting together the Activity Pages for each Volume of Mirador is tremendous fun. In Volume 5: River and Stone, we featured a dog as the star of the show for the first time. And, as far as dog models go, we couldn’t have found a better sport than Simon.

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Meet Mirador Spanish Translator Nayi Tovar

When we were putting this magazine together, we knew we wanted it translated into as many languages as we could find native speakers for. The very first person we thought of was Nayi Tovar. And, we were grateful when she said yes despite a busy teacher’s schedule. She even offered to be a part of our Chicken and Dumpling comic in Volume 2 while recovering from back surgery!

Listen to this excerpt of an audio interview we did with Nayi and it will become clear why we adore her as much as we do!

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Beading the Stars with Margaret Nazon

When we saw Margaret Nazon’s work, The Light Echo, we knew we found our Vol. 4 cover! We featured Nazon in Volume 4 but because Mirador’s word count is purposefully limited, we often can’t fit everything we would like to into our print edition. We are offering this complete interview with acclaimed beadwork artist Margaret Nazon to our readers so you can get a more complete sense of her work. We have mostly kept these words exactly as Ms. Nazon wrote them, other than a few edits for clarity.

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Thereminist Katica Illenyi

Music Out of This World

When we reached out to musician Katica Illényi for an interview, she was incredibly receptive to answering our questions. We didn’t have room to include her complete answers in our print edition. But, we thought you would enjoy reading more about her!

We have edited a little for clarity, but otherwise left things just as she wrote them. 

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Green Disk with stars and planets

Bringing Down The Sky

In Volume 4: Sound and Space – we explored the history of the planetarium. This magical place captures the planets, stars and other heavenly bodies,

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