The Gift of Meaningful Connection

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How can a familiar pastime bring us closer this holiday season? By Nikki Jardin, Publisher and Co-Founder of Mirador Magazine Note: This article first appeared on This blog content is the intellectual property and copyright of Positive Approach, LLC. This material is being reprinted with permission and may not be used, copied, reprinted, or […]

Humor Makes Us Benevolent

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A Guest Post by Kathy Laurenhue / Wiser Now  “If you can make somebody smile, you’ve had a good day.”  “See written on the forehead of everyone you meet, ‘Make me feel important.’” Marquette Professor Father John Naus Those are fondly remembered maxims of Marquette Professor Father John Naus in his 2013 obituary. […]

Lavender Oil May Have Positive Effects

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a Guest Blog by Nanaz Khosrowshahi The sweet smell of lavender essential oil has been shown to reduce agitation, insomnia, and aggression in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease.  It can boost mood and increase appetite.  Studies have found that lavender contains anxiolytic effects as it improves cognitive functioning like remembering, decreases pacing, and provides a better night of sleep.  Complementary medicine, […]

Peter and the Penny Farthing

Peter Berry was diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 50. He and his writing partner Deb Bunt have become advocates for people “living well” with dementia. You may have read the shorter version of this story in Mirador Magazine: Volume 8: Gear and Pedal. Here now, is the longer version of that story, offered to us by Peter and Deb. Photos courtesy of Charmian Berry and Deb Bunt.

Geocaching: GPS Marks the Spot

I’ve done some geocaching (Geo-cash-ing)in my life. It’s always been sort of a surface hobby, I’ve found caches in my neighborhood, or around my workplace. Once when I was traveling in Victoria, B.C. I found a couple, and that felt like a big accomplishment. I see the appeal and I can see how someone could […]

Artist Betty LaDuke: My Work is Inspired by Culture

Artist Betty LaDuke in front of one of her paintings.

I’ve been a fan of Betty LaDuke’s art for many years, so it was especially gratifying that she not only agreed to allow us to put one of her works on our cover but to also grant us an interview. We spoke early-ish on a Sunday morning in November, 2022. I’ve edited that conversation for clarity and readability and offer it here now for you.

Getting to Know Mirador Writer Judy Stock

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Freelance writer Judy Stock has been a contributing writer to Mirador Magazine since 2021. She brings both her talent and her insight as someone who has a dementia-diagnosis to our pages. In this short interview we learn more about Judy’s decades-long career as a writer, poet and artist.