willGather Interview: Pages of Compassion

Mirador was a proud sponsor of the 2023 Positive Approach to Care Conference in Raleigh, NC. It was a fantastic event from start to finish for all kinds of reasons … and one of those reasons was getting to meet Nicole Will – a true gem! We sat, tucked in the corner of the vendor […]

All Home Care Matters

A picture of Tave and Nikki

Lance Slatton, is hands down one of the nicest guys in the business. His wildly successful podcast, All Home Care Matters, has earned a coveted YouTube Creators Award and the accolades of many. It was an honor, and just a good ‘ol time to sit with Lance for a bit and chat about Mirador. Listen […]

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Lori LaBey has been a top influencer in the arena of dementia and a passionate and inspiring keynote speaker whose voice has lifted individuals and organizations around the world. Lori shines a light on new and existing products, services, tools, and information that are needed by so many throughout the globe. We were so excited […]

Interview with Teepa Snow

A photograph of Teepa Snow with Nikki Jardin and Tave Fasce

It doesn’t get more nerve-wracking than being interviewed by someone you admire! Back when my Aunt was first diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s, I went looking for any information I could find. Thank goodness for Teepa’s videos and live workshops. Her work allows me to be the best advocate and helper I could be to my […]

Mirador review by Adaptive Equipment Caregiver Corner

We love Cindy and Christine Hardin-Weiss’ work in the world! They produce educational and instructional videos on various home health aid products. From how to measure a cane for your height to how to get a walker through a narrow doorway, they’ve got you covered. As they say, “Our mission is to enhance continuity of […]

Mirador Interview in Alzheimer’s News Today

Alzheimer’s News Today is part of the BioNews media platform – a leading online health, science, and research publication company that exists to improve the lives of patients living with rare diseases. We are honored to be featured in this terrific feature by Ray Burow. Read: A Magazine Designed for People with Dementia