Volume 2: Trees and Sky



The second chapter in the Mirador journey was almost as daunting as the first! While we had months and months to get VOL. 1 out the door, VOL. 2 had a mere 12 weeks to come into being. We had a bit of good fortune to land a fantastic intern (Nathan Wilk), who provided two of our features, an amazing piece of cover art by Baba Wague Diakite, and the benefit of at least the start of a roadmap to help guide us along the way.

For those who want it in your hands or the hands of family or friends. Here’s what you will get when you buy a print edition:

  • First Class Shipping Included
  • Quality Paper that will hold up with Multiple Uses
  • No Advertising of Any Kind
  • Several Age-Appropriate Features and Activities

Stories Include

  • “Meet the Baobab” from Malian storyteller Baba Wague Diakite
  • Magical forest “Dubanci” from Czech artist Petr Vaclavek
  • How Drones are Planting Trees From the Sky
  • Louis Armstrong‘s Wonderful World
  • A Treehouse Vacation Postcard Activity
  • Hunting for Wild Mushrooms and a delicious recipe!
  • And many other features including our in-house designed puzzles and activities!

Additional information

Weight .2081 oz
Dimensions 11.25 × .1250 × 8.5 in