Volume 4: Sound and Space

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With Volume 4 we went out … wayyy out! With space as our inspiration we had limitless ideas for what to include in this issue. Inside we talk to the artist Margaret Nazon who created this beautiful cover. We also feature musician Katica Illenyi who excels at playing the ethereal theremin. Other stories include a fun recipe for a “space drink”, a study in sound waves from whales and a postcard from an ice hotel in Alaska.

For those who want it in your hands or the hands of family or friends. Here’s what you will get when you buy a print edition:

  • Shipping Included
  • Quality Paper that will hold up with Multiple Uses
  • Ad-Free Pages
  • Several Age-Appropriate Features and Activities

Stories Include:

  • Beading the Stars with Artist Margaret Nazon
  • Theremin musician Katica Illenyi
  • A Short History of Planetariums
  • Whale Song From The Great Blue Deep
  • A postcard from an ice hotel under the Aurora Borealis
  • Getting to know Dino DNA relative The Quail
  • Fun Facts about Space Food and a Drink Recipe
  • And many other features including our in-house designed puzzles and activities


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