Share your story in Mirador Magazine!

We welcome all writers, photographers, and poets to submit their work but especially encourage submissions from the neurodiverse community. 
The following are guidelines for submissions. Note that submitting your work does not guarantee publication.  
If your work is selected for the print edition of the magazine, you will receive a 1-year subscription to Mirador (value $32). 
Please become familiar with Mirador before submitting your work.  (You can see samples here).

MIRADOR is designed purposefully to be a respite for adults who are neurodiverse or experiencing cognitive change, while still being accessible to people of all ages. 

A collage of people in one photograph. They depict people who have submitted their stories to Mirador Magazine.

We welcome submissions on a variety of subjects, including history, science, nature, technology, music, sports, and nostalgia. These can be works of fiction, personal essays, recipes, or poetry. Our tone is friendly, inquisitive, inclusive, and generally upbeat. 

Our pieces are short – 50 to 250 words. 

Once accepted, content will be edited for grammar, clarity and readability.

Images must be high-resolution, print ready jpg, png, or pdf files 300dpi or greater.  Please remove any filters prior to submission. Please ATTACH images to email or send a link to a downloadable file. Do not send images in the body of an email. Submitted work won’t be returned.

All submissions are assumed to be the work of the author or be approved for use. Stories or images that require additional copyright will not be accepted. Published work becomes the property of Mirador Magazine. 

The following are general wordcounts for our features:

Postcard: 175 words or less. Postcards with at least 1-3 print ready original photos will have a better shot of making it into the magazine. Postcards should be travel-oriented, whether real or desired!

Poetry: 75 words or less.

Personal Essays, Nostalgia, History, etc.: 250 words or less. 

Here are our upcoming themes! You are encouraged to submit material at any time!

Vol. 8: Gear and Pedal / Deadline February 1st

Vol. 9: Brook and Meadow / Deadline May 1st

Vol. 10: Ship and Compass / Deadline August 1st

Vol. 11: Tails and Fluff / Deadline November 1st

Please email submissions to with the subject line: MIRADOR SUBMISSION