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Extra Features

You met Grinder and Coola in our Vol. 3 story “Unbothered Bears.” If you would like to see live footage of the bears sleeping in their hibernation den, click on the link below the photo.

Thereminist Katica Illenyi
When we reached out to musician Katica Illényi for an interview, she was incredibly receptive to answering our questions. We didn’t have room to include her complete answers in our print edition. But, we thought you would enjoy reading more about her!

We have edited a little for clarity, but otherwise left things just as she wrote them. 

Mirador Magazine (MM): What first attracted you to the theremin?

Katica Illényi (KI): I will never forget that first night I viewed Clara Rockmore playing The Swan on the theremin on YouTube. At first, I didn’t notice that she was playing a musical instrument. I just wondered, “How can it be possible for somebody to sing in such a high pitch?” But then, I saw that she was moving her hands, and under the video, there was written the word “Theremin.” I Googled it immediately. “What does the word theremin mean?” It turned out that it was a musical instrument. I got so excited that I couldn’t sleep for the whole night. I read everything that I found on the Internet about it, and the very next day, I went to buy a theremin because I was 100% sure that I would be able to learn this musical instrument. Because I play the violin and I sing, too, and the theremin sounds like a human voice or a string instrument, I instantly fell in love with it,

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Bonus Coloring Pages for printing at home. Look for the highlighted caption below – enjoy!