Judy Stock starting writing for Mirador in 2021. As a member of Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care Core Team, Judy brought both her writing skills and her insight as someone who has an Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis to our pages. But, we’ve learned that she brings so much more. Judy’s stories are the perfect blend of nostalgia, warmth and humor and I always look forward to each essay she contributes. I wanted to learn a little more about Judy and her work. She graciously agreed to have the tables turned from interviewer to interview-ee!

Nikki Jardin (NJ): How long have you been a freelance writer?

Judy Stock (JS): I’ve been a freelance writer for over 35 years. I worked in the travel industry prior to that, which was fun and allowed me to travel at a discount. 

NJ: What inspired you to become a writer?

JS: I attended college when I was in my 40’s since prior to that I was raising a family. One of my favorite English professors felt I had a particular talent to write and she encouraged me to develop my skills. I started by writing poetry and then essays. It seemed like a logical progression to earn a living by writing.

NJ: What topics have you tended to focus on? 

JS: I started by writing about home fashion and design since those topics were of interest to me. Over time, I decided to branch out and look for more general assignments. Sometimes I would write about something I thought was interesting and then pitch my story to editors. During my career I’ve written about dogs and cats, architects and architecture, travel, aging, careers, gardening, landscaping, museums and food.

NJ: Do you have any stories that you remember most fondly or were particularly proud of?

JS: Since most of my work came from ideas I had and then convinced an editor to publish, I’d say I am proud of most of my work. My favorite stories were about the Ennis House in Los Angeles, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and a nature preserve in California. 

NJ: What publications have you been most proud of being published in?

JS: I am proud to have been published in the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times.

NJ: What has been your biggest challenge as a professional writer?

JS: Marketing my skills and not taking “no” for an answer. 

NJ: Would you like to talk about your involvement with Teepa Snow’s PAC Team?

JS: As it has become more difficult to write without assistance, Teepa Snow and PAC has encouraged me to be creative through my art. Working on collages has given me the ability to express myself through images more often than with words.

NJ: Anything else you would like to add?

JS: It’s more difficult for me to write on my own now. My handwriting, typing and spelling abilities have changed. When I write a story now, my partner Carol acts as my secretary and editor. 

Judy Stock is a valued contributor here at Mirador Magazine! You can see her work in each of our last four issues, starting with Volume 3: Peaks and Clouds. In that issue she talks about the bond she created with stray cat named Morrie who she befriended. Look for more of Judy’s work in future volumes!