A couple of years ago, pre-COVID, Tavé and I decided to take a Spanish class at the local high school. It was an evening class, continuing-ed, offered to the family and friends of the kids who attended that school. Now, I have had Spanish classes before and, even though I have relatives that speak fluent Spanish and spent three months traveling in Spain, I wouldn’t say it’s a language I excel at. So, in the spirit of learning, I joined Tavé once a week in Señora Tovar’s beginning Spanish class.

I was not prepared for the sheer joy that class evoked, and I can’t begin to do it justice. I can say, that those kids who get to take Spanish (and French) classes from Señora Tovar should thank their lucky stars that they should have such an amazing teacher.

Señora Tovar taught her class primarily in Spanish, which was helpful. She told stories, she played music, she was outsized in her theatrics, allowing all of us to be engaged, entertained, and, above all, taught.

When we were putting this magazine together, we knew we wanted it translated into as many languages as we could find native speakers for. The very first person we thought of was Nayi Tovar. And, we were grateful when she said yes despite a busy teacher’s schedule. She even offered to be a part of our Chicken and Dumpling comic in Volume 2, even while recovering from back surgery.

We are including a short segment of a longer interview here so you can get a chance to “meet” her and see why we adore her as much as we do!