Mirador’s first four volumes are available digitally in Spanish

When we began lining out a long-term plan for our magazine, offering Mirador in different languages was always top of the list. The idea for Mirador began because of a lack of accessible reading materials for people experiencing cognitive-change. Accessibility requires inclusivity, so having Mirador available for a variety of communities is imperative to the long term vision of the magazine.

We are beginning with Spanish-translated volumes first. It is the second most spoken language in the United States and has the fastest rising demographic in the country. Unfortunately, as the Latinx population ages, it is also experiencing dementia-related diagnoses at a higher rate than other communities.

We’ve been able to create our first four issues in Spanish and are currently working on our 5th and 6th Volumes. And, let me do a shout-out here – when I say “we” – I want to make sure that the bulk of the credit goes to our translator, Nayi Tovar. Nayi, originally from Colombia, has always been such a generous supporter of our work here at Mirador! (You can learn more about Nayi in this short audio clip of an interview we did with her).

A table with three pages of puzzles on them written in Spanish. A cup of coffee and a notepad with writing is next to them.

Currently, we offer Mirador en espanol online, but would love to provide print editions as well. If you know of a investor or community program that would be interested in helping us provide this resource, please help us spread the word! We are also interested in providing additional translations, so if you or someone you know would like to help us create additional language versions of Mirador, please reach out!

And, in that vein, we are on the search for native-Spanish speakers who would be interested in volunteering to narrate stories for our digital versions. We have received feedback that audio narration is a big help for our community! Our stories are short and generally take one to two minutes to read out loud. If you are interested in helping us, please get in touch by emailing miradormag@gmail.com.