The Founder of Kirk House Publishing designed the series with large print and colorful illustrations for a more accessible reading experience.

I met Publisher and Author Ann Aubitz in a fun bit of kismet recently. I was on vacation when I got a phone call on my Mirador number. I was at dinner with family, so I let it go to voicemail. A minute later I received another call from the same number. This time I took that call and ended up chatting with a woman who was looking for The Brain Health Magazine, a terrific magazine published by Amy Zellmer. After redirecting my caller to the proper website, I decided to reach out to Amy Zellmer. I hadn’t heard of her magazine, but learned that how she came to publish her magazine was similar to how Mirador came into being. After taking a fall on a patch of black ice, Zellmer became one of the millions of people surviving with a Traumatic Brain Injury. She created The Brain Health Magazine because she couldn’t find the kind of publication she wanted for her community.

I wrote Amy and she responded back quickly. In those bits of electronic introduction she said I should know Ann Aubitz, who had just launched a series of books that were created for people experiencing dementia. I was thrilled to learn that there were other publishers out there addressing this vital need. So I reached out to Ann.

Ann was enthusiastic about Mirador and I was excited to chat with her about the REMINISCE series. Ann was already a successful author and publisher. She is the co-founder of Kirk House Publishers, a hybrid publishing house as well as a book manufacturer. Her knowledge of the book industry made her more incredulous as to why there weren’t more publications devoted to people who may need a little extra help accessing literature.

Her mother Mary was the inspiration for the book line. One day Mary, who has a long love of books, found a copy of Little Women on the shelf of a library at her residential home. The book was written with large type and had colorful illustrations. Mary was thrilled to discover a book she could read. But, upon finishing that book, was saddened that there weren’t more like it on the shelf.

Ann scoured the internet and local stores to see if she could find more books that were accessible for this community of readers. Finding none, she decided to create her own and the REMINISCE Line was born.

The first of the initial four-book series was published in July. Written by REMINISCE authors, the stories are set in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s in an easy-to-read, short-story format. Large type and full-colored illustrations make the stories accessible to all readers, many of whom may have their own special memories of those periods of history.

We’re thrilled there are other publishers who are paying attention to this demographic of readers and I look forward to seeing these books line shelves across the country. You can order your copies on the Kirk House Publishers website. The books are also available on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Nook and Walmart.

And, you will get to see Ann in Mirador as well! Along with being an author and publisher, Ann is a crafter! She will be lending her crafting skills to our pages, starting with our latest issue, Volume 6: Skylines and Avenues!

I’m so glad that sweet woman thought to call Mirador to ask after Amy Zellmer’s publication, and thank you Amy for introducing me to Ann! That one phone call taught me about two amazing publications, created by women who are finding ways to create community in their own amazing way.

Ann’s mother Mary shows off the first book in the REMINISCE series.