A Guest Blog by Nanaz Khosrowshahi

A purple colored ribbon - the symbol of Alzheimer's awareness and support

November is Alzheimer’s awareness month.  Purple is the color of Alzheimer’s awareness.  Purple was picked purposely because it’s a mix of red and blue.  Blue is signifying calm whereas red is fiery.  Wear purple or pin on a purple ribbon to bring awareness and increase funds for research for Alzheimer’s. 

Elephants are the animals that serve as a symbol for Alzheimer’s because of their high ability to remember information.  Forget me not flowers are the flowers that are a symbol for Alzheimer’s.  Forget me not and elephant pins and jewelry (including purple elephants) are available online for purchase.  Setting purple flowers or forget me not flowers on your front doorstep fosters support. 

this is a photograph of a n elephant in a green field

Displaying any of these colors or symbols is not saying to people that you have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s but are trying to publicize an important issue.  Not a fan of showing purple, elephants, or flowers? Go online to The Alzheimer’s Association find ways to volunteer, advocate, or raise money.  

Nanaz Khosrowshahi is a published freelance writer who lives in the suburbs of NY with her husband and three children.   

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